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Hello and thanks for visiting my site.  I'm a professional photographer, model builder and estate railway designer.  I also offer services as a motion picture train coordinator / location specialist and FX miniaturist.


I grew up in Silicon Valley with a background in broadcast television production, engineering and post-production.  I shifted into 3D F/X animation and worked at Digital Domain as a 3D Artist during the "golden age" of VFX.

Looking for something different, I went to work in the field of Aerospace, performing a variety of media and documentation functions, in addition to engineering on-board camera systems for airplanes and spacecraft.   I am one of the world's most experienced photographers of rocket engines, working for companies such as XCOR Aerospace, Masten Space and Scaled Composites.  My aerospace photos are widely published around the world.

I also enjoy travel and nature photography and I am an accomplished studio photographer.

Today I professionally design and build model railroads as well as backyard estate railways, and provide design / drafting services to others.  I am also available for hire as a contract photographer and expedition photographer.

In my spare time I like to build and operate miniature steam locomotives and document heritage steam operations around the world.   I am a contributing editor for Live Steam Magazine.

Use the contact page if you would like to get a hold of me.

Best regards,

Mike Massee


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